Product Launch ---- LABview 

Our R&D is currently finishing the design of a laboratory version of SCENEview BV800. Besides all functionality of the standard crime scene model, its ergonomics are optimized for working in a laboratory environment.

We presented the firs prototype at GPEC 2016 exhibition in Leipzig to an interested audience.

The product – most likely released under the name LABview, will have the following features: 

  • mounting point for standard laboratory copy stand
  • integrated touch screen Embedded PC
  • two-hand-control unit
  • basic functions like focus and snapshot control
    integrated into the handles
  • additional functions via 10“ touch screen display
  • optional link to larger monitor and remote control

The unit can be mounted to standard laboratory copy stands but also to a bespoke camera column for table or wall mount which offer a large coverage of your examination bench.

A similar manually operated camera arm is available also in a
custom version of the PHOTOvent . This specialized construction allows moving the LABview or any other camera system parallel to the working surface and enables searching and documenting evidence in a very comfortable way.

You can find a short introduction video showing the operation of 
LABview here:

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