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Due to the contact restrictions in place for the current Covid-19 pandemia, it is currently difficult to demonstrate our product live for you.   Get more info here. 

Welcome to Attestor Forensics

We are a designer and manufactuer of high quality forensic science equipment.

We are passionate about helping you solve crime through innovative and high quality forensic equipment. All our products are especially designed for forensic use only and produced in our state-of-the-art production facilities in Germany.

More info about our company can be found here.

MEGAfume - the new cyanoacrylate fuming chamber concept

MEGAfume series of Forensic Fuming Chambers for the development of latent fingerprints using cyanoacrylate

MOBIfume - the new mobile cyanoacrylate fuming s

- the all new mobile cyanoacrylate fuming system for the development of latent fingerprints at the scene,  in fuming tents or fuming rooms

LIGHTcube - the novel, modular forensic lighting system

- the new modular forensic illumination system for crime scene and laboratory use

NINcha - seriens of Forensic Climate Chambers

NINcha - series of Forensic Climate Chambers for the development of latent fingerprints treated with Ninhydrn, DFO or Indandione 

NINcha P31 - the mobile Forensic Climate Chamber

NINcha P31 - the new Forensic  Climate Box for mobile use in development of fingerprints treated with Ninhydrn, DFO or Indandione  

SCENEview - the bloodstain and GSR viewer

SCENEview -  evidence viewing and recording system for crime scene use 

LABview - the laboratory based blood and GSR viewer

LABview Generation II
- the latest version of our evidence viewing and documentation system for laboratory use
PHOTOvent - Photographic Downdraft Filter Workstation

PHOTOvent - two models of Photographic Downdraft Filter Workstations for evidence photography
EVIscreen - evidence screening stand system

EVIscreen - the modular evidence screening stand system 

POWDERado - Downdraft Workstation

POWDERado - the selfcontained Downdraft Filter Workstation for fingerprint powder application
TORnado - the ESDA filter workstation

TORnado - the selfcontained filter workstation for ESDA 

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